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About the Greers


Leeann Greer


Winnie Greer


Kelly Greer Culp

When Winnie Greer discovered a love for image-making by photographing her young daughters in 1979, she had no idea she was embarking on a career that would span over 40 years and three generations.  But now she watches proudly as her grandsons play around their Lexington Kentucky studio and her daughter Leeann assumes a leadership role, while her other daughter Kelly has flown the studio nest and landed in her own paradise – a destination photography studio in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Kelly makes frequent trips back home to work at the Lexington studio.

Winnie is a Master Photographer and Leeann holds a bachelors degree in photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California.  Kelly is a Certified Professional Photographer.


The Studio

After thirteen years in Lexington’s Chevy Chase area, Greer Portrait Studio is now located in the boutique neighborhood of Walton Avenue.  The completely renovated studio maintains the charm of the 1920’s era in which it was built but is now finished with today’s newest design elements.  While keeping the tin ceilings, wooden floors and brick walls, modern elements have been added such as ipads throughout the building to control the lighting, window shades, security, heat and air conditioning and music.  The camera room is open and inviting with a comfortable and warm feel.

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