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Marble Surface


• A private portrait commission experience at our Walton Avenue studio location.
• We will create many different compositions during your sitting for your selection.
• A fun, stress-free, creatively directed portrait experience for everyone.

• Enjoy viewing and ordering your portraits large on the big screen immediately following your portrait sitting.

• Custom curated, hand-made leafed in gold, silver or espresso options to compliment any style and color palette.


Masterpiece Paintings

The MASTERPIECE finish is a commissioned painting that will fit right in with the art collections around your home. The rich brushstrokes are created by hand and the colors are custom selected to compliment the subject matter. Once it's applied to museum grade artist's canvas and covered with layers of lacquer, your portrait has a life expectancy of 100+ years. This archival product will be passed down for generations.


Classic Canvas

The CLASSIC finish is a combination of photography and artistry.  The photograph is applied to artist's canvas and has a beautiful protective glaze finish.  An artpiece of your family creates an impact in any room - a place where friends and family gather around and reminisce. A stunning reminder of all that you hold dear in your life.



Can I just have my children photographed?

Yes, you may.  However, you definitely should consider taking this special opportunity to celebrate and honor your family. This is something a lot of families only do every 5 years and some only once in a lifetime, and for most, never at all.  It is sometimes more challenging to work with schedules for the whole family, however it is worth the effort.

What is the investment?

We offer a no obligation portrait experience and we are confident that you will love the artwork that what we create for you. Most people that go through this special experience do find they fall in love with our work and wish to purchase; however you are never obligated to do so.

We’re not super formal - can we dress casual?

You may, but we do find the biggest regret we hear from our clients after their sitting is that they didn’t realize how much they would love their portrait and wish they had dressed more formally and not in casual clothing.  We do understand if the formal look is just not your style. If you wish to dress more casually, please dress everyone in dark, solid, same color/tone clothing.

Do you have a pricelist? How much are additional portraits? Can I just buy digital files?

We don't have a price list to send out since all of our portraits are unique to each client. We price everything during your viewing and selection appointment because pricing varies depending upon the finish, size and quantity of what you select and every person wants something different. We offer a range of portraits from large scale exquisite hand painted portraits at $14,000 to more modest sizes in photographic finishes. Our artwork is definitely an investment. It's created like original art and priced like original art and it's certainly not within the reach of every budget. However, there is never any obligation to purchase anything. We have families that come just for the experience and that's part of the beauty of what we do. To give you an idea, most spend between $1000 and $3000 and are thrilled with their purchase but no one is ever obligated or pressured to buy anything.  We are not a digital only studio but we do include complimentary digital file of any portrait that you purchase. We also offer in house financing options with no interest, to help clients be able to get what they love most.   

We are expecting or just had a new addition to our family, can they be photographed?  

We're super excited for you and are looking forward to meeting your new family member! We photograph children as young as 6 months old, we do however ask that they be able to sit up, if even just for a few seconds.  If you are currently expecting, please let us know and we can schedule an appointment when the baby is 6 months old.

What if my children are in school and our work schedules conflict with your appointment times?  

A lot of our clients typically take at least a half day off and their children out of school because this is such a special experience. They spend quality time together getting ready and having fun with each other, then have a family meal or special treat after they leave the studio. Making a family day of the experience brings back beautiful memories as the years go by every time you look at your portrait. We do have weekend appointments available however they book very quickly and the reservation deposit is non-refundable however it may be applied toward a portrait order or framing.

Can we include our family pet?  

To include pets, we require a non-refundable $75 fee per pet added to the portrait. We also ask that someone who is not being photographed attend the session to care for the pet and take it home as soon as their part of the appointment is finished.

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